268. Toph was crying, she almost never cried. Sokka frowned hearing her sniffles from behind her bedroom door. She had called him over earlier but she hadn’t come out of her room since he’d been there. “This must be really serious, if she’s been crying this whole time” he thought to himself. Finally he braced himself and opened her door, and he saw her; just sitting in her bed with a blanket pulled over her head and shaking as she cried. Without even hesitating Sokka went to her bed and gathered her in his arms. “It’s okay Toph, shhh it’s okay.” “N-no it’s not.” Sokka barely heard her, she just said it so quietly. He pulled the blanket off her and looked at her face, she must have been crying since last night. Toph collapsed against him still crying, dampenning his shirt. “Shhhh Toph what’s wrong? What happened? Did someone hurt you!?!” For that instant he saw red, ready to destroy anyone who would dare to hurt Toph. “N-no, no one h-hurt m-me.” The red subsided as he looked down at her full of worry. “S-sokka, i-i’m p-pregnant…” Sokka was shocked into silence of all the things he could have heard that was one thing he had not expected. “Well th-thats great!! But, wait who’s the father???” Toph just sat there silent, letting her head hang down. “Toph?” All she did was shake her head. Finally she clutched his shirt and just whispered. “I’m not sure, i don’t know his name…please don’t be mad at me…” Sokka’s eyes softened as he rocked her back and forth, holding her tightly. “No Toph i’m not mad, shhh it’ll be okay i promise.” And he stayed right next to her, holding her together until they both fell asleep.

Oh god, why D:

All of my creyz, why did it have to happen to Toph ;_;

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