I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy

because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless

and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.

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Guh, flawless. Non-Westernised interpretations of the steampunk genre FTW. 


I’ve been REALLY wanting to see an Indian take on Steampunk so I am so pleased you have no idea

das purdy kewl

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White supremacy is deeply ingrained in Latin America and continues into the present. In Mexico, for instance, citizens of African descent (who are estimated to make up 1% of the population) report that they regularly experience racial harassment at the hands of local and state police, according to recent studies by Antonieta Gimeno, then of Mount Holyoke College, and Sagrario Cruz-Carretero of the University of Veracruz.

Mexican public discourse reflects the hostility toward blackness; consider such common phrases as “getting black” to denote getting angry, and “a supper of blacks” to describe a riotous gathering of people. Similarly, the word “black” is often used to mean “ugly.” It is not surprising that Mexicans who have been surveyed indicate a disinclination to marry darker-skinned partners, as reported in a 2001 study by Bobby Vaughn, an anthropology professor at Notre Dame de Namur University.

Anti-black sentiment also manifests itself in Mexican politics. During the 2001 elections, for instance, Lazaro Cardenas, a candidate for governor of the state of Michoacan, is believed to have lost substantial support among voters for having an Afro Cuban wife. Even though Cardenas had great name recognition (as the grandson of Mexico’s most popular president), he only won by 5 percentage points — largely because of the anti-black platform of his opponent, Alfredo Anaya, who said that “there is a great feeling that we want to be governed by our own race, by our own people.”

Tanya K. Hernandez, from “Roots of Latino/Black anger


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Members of the Special Forces of the Mexican Army take the subway toward celebrations for the 214th anniversary of Mexico’s independence in Mexico City, on Sept. 16.

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Making Wash dance on my free time.
This is why i went to school.

whispers open [this] in another tab tho



Making Wash dance on my free time.

This is why i went to school.

whispers open [this] in another tab tho

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What if I went back for an extended visit to Mexico and found un passion dentro de mi que nunca sabia que tenia para la sangre que pasa por mis veins?

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oh shit nigga, some chick reblogged that one picture I was talking in spanish about some fine ass girl’s titties and hickeys and I hope she can’t read spanish because that would be wayyyyy to embarrassing for my sober me.

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Like forreal, I need to chill with more people who are involved in social activism that ain’t white. I need real PoC that get fucked over by the system  with jail times and random searches instead of some white people complaining about a tuition (but at the same time that shit is whack too).

Like those people gon know what the fuck they’re talking about while they’re high as fuck but I’m too much of a whiteboy nowadays you know what I mean? Then again, my ass is good at emulating people so I think I’ll be chill or just generate my own good vibes.

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You know what

I know whether or not I’m high, drunk, or hopped up on some other shit, I got no right to the word nigga cuz I ain’t black and even though we called each other that in like high school and shit to our other mexican or asian brothers, our black brothers are still the ones who got fucked over by the word so they got the rights to it, not us. We may have the ability to practice free speech but I ain’t gonna laugh for my own benefit over some shit my brothers had anyone but that.

If I just remember shit like what I heard in work not too long ago, I’ll be fine.

Me: Alright, that’ll be $20~ sir.

Him: Do you need to see my ID too?

Me: Nah, you’re good brother, as long as it’s under $25.

Him: It just brings me back man. I mean think about it, a young black brother with a credit card? You gon get asked.

That was the realest shit a brother ever told me here at Walgreen’s but I’m like damn, other kids ain’t never going to have to deal with the same shit as him only because he was black and was using a credit card to shop for groceries and stuff.

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When I was new I had a few vanilla photo sets, stockings, lingerie, side boob, and one of them was school girl outfit, because it’s soooo common to dress as a school girl for sex work, but after awhile I realized how fucked up it was, what I was willingly doing, and I took down that set. Dressing up as a school girl is sexualizing children. And I’m really mad at myself for catering to that and not thinking it through and going with the flow because it seemed like just a costume, but when you put on a school girl outfit and baby your voice, you are pretending to be a child, you are pretending to be a child for sex. This should not be normal


when you put on a school girl outfit and baby your voice, you are pretending to be a child, you are pretending to be a child for sex.

pretending to be a child for sex.

this is so important

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dayummmmmmmmm brah, I never realized that shit too!

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Nigga, I’m like faded as fuck right now ya dig but at the same time, the old ass side of me that was raised on gansta rap and hip-hop is coming out but shit man, it’s been a long time. As the years have gone by, I grew like a type of hate for it because I was always told that only gheto ass people talk like that. You see it in these salty ass niggas errwhere where they shit like “Ugh, she’s like hella ghetto” and I just want to grab the fuckers and say to their face, what you’re saying is fucking disrespectful. Just because you aint talking like them dont mean you can be a hater nigga who talks shit because he think he hella high up there.

Like fuck that shit man, I bet it’s the instituionalized racism that got to my ass and that’s why I be saying whack ass racist shit when I see black people fucking in porn but you know, I catch myself every time when I do that and tell myself “unlearn that shit brah”.

I need to remember that even though my family was never really in the hood, we still grew up influenced by the area. I ain’t gon forget my roots, being high brought it back, but I’ll never lower I’ll embrace them whenever I can to remind myself that I didn’t come from much and turned into the realest person I ever knew.

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